lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

My Heroes

 My personal hero in my mom because she have been with me since forever, never leaves me, is a great support, she is so intelligent, sweet, lovely, works to give me all i want,   and is my best friend and the best mom ever. So... She is my hero!

 My local hero is Simon Bolivar, because achieved the independence for many countries including Venezuela and that is a very important fact in all countries.

My hero in the past is Cristobal Colon simply because he discovered America and that thing make him a hero.


My modern hero is Romero Britto or better known as Britto, he is a Brazilian painter and sculptor who makes AMAZING and spectacular things that I love!!!. Someday I want to be famous like him. Especially i like his works because they are colorful, cheerful and funny like me, haha :D 

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