martes, 29 de marzo de 2011


My House:  Since i was born, I live in the same house. A very quiet building, not too small but not large, according to the 2 people who live there, my mom and me. I have a lot of memories in my house.

My Parents: They've always been super special with me, playful, and always had to deal with my hyperactivity because I am only child. Always guiding and indulging in all my tastes.

Food: I always hated vegetables and soups, I remember myaunt always tried to give me soup, but I ended up crying becausei did’t want, and the plant was the same, hahaha!

Friends: I just studied in 2 schools, and the friends who  i always talk are of the second school. With them I have very funny and pretty memories as my graduation, parties, outings and many other things.
Toys: I grew up with cousins ​​older than me, and most are men, but I always liked playing with my dolls, to be a cook, nintendo, bicycle, I imagined I had a clothing store (it was my room) was very funny.

Music: since childhood I loved to dance, and every time they put a  
songdanced non-stop, my funniest memories was with a song called "el baile del perrito, " always made ​​me dance.
School: My studies in kindergarten and primary school were the best, I loved my teachers, everything was so happy, a memory of the kindergarten that I will never forget was that a boy called Daniel bit me on the arm and made me cry a lot and when my mommy saw me she said OH MY GOD!  What happened??  She was very angry, but then my mother and Daniel’s mother became friends, hahaha!!

Vacations: I always remember my first times at Disney, that was magical and I was so excited seeing all the toys and attractions for children. Simply spectacular.

Green Life :D - Ecosystems

Everyone should be aware of the ecology, I would tell you some tips I found to keep green life 365 days a year. If you become a habit, the earth will be cleaner and better place to live. Let's be part of it to solve environmental problems.

.-Buy only what you need and not be swayed by fashion or aggressive advertising.
.-Use reusable products
.-Use recycled and recyclable products.
.-Before you throw anything think if you can use.
.-Separate waste at home to facilitate recycling
.-Eating fruits and vegetables in season, organically produced and local
.-Do not thaw food under running water.
.-Choose non-chlorinated cleaning products and detergents to avoid chemicals.
.-Use eco bulbs
.-Turn off lights and appliances when not in use.
.-Reduce battery consumption
.-Close the taps when not needed water and check that there is in the house no dripping faucet.


lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

My Heroes

 My personal hero in my mom because she have been with me since forever, never leaves me, is a great support, she is so intelligent, sweet, lovely, works to give me all i want,   and is my best friend and the best mom ever. So... She is my hero!

 My local hero is Simon Bolivar, because achieved the independence for many countries including Venezuela and that is a very important fact in all countries.

My hero in the past is Cristobal Colon simply because he discovered America and that thing make him a hero.


My modern hero is Romero Britto or better known as Britto, he is a Brazilian painter and sculptor who makes AMAZING and spectacular things that I love!!!. Someday I want to be famous like him. Especially i like his works because they are colorful, cheerful and funny like me, haha :D 

Bad Qualities and Bad Habits.

My bad qualities: eating junk food, be messy, spoiled, and spend money unnecessarily.

My bad habits: be always aware of my blackberry and sometimes it looks bad or rude, and lazy but sometimes.

I'd like to change this stuff because it's makes me look bad sometimes and  I don't like.

"I like to or I'd like to" - Homework

Write Sentences about yourself. Start each with “I like to ” or “I’d like to”.

1-  Name something you like to do in your free time.
I like to dance in my free time

2-   Name something you'd like to do in your life.
I’d like to visit Bora Bora

3-   Name a movie you'd like too see.
I`d like too see the movie Step Up 3D

4-   Name a tv show you like to watch.
I like to watch “Friends”.

5-   Name one place tourists like to visit in your city.
They like to visit the bridge over the lake

6-   Name one thing you'd like to change about your city.
I’d like to change the insecurity in my city

domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

I love photography!

"Photography is more than a means of effective communication of ideas. It is a creative art."
-Ansel Adams-

"My New Friend" (Classwork)

My new friend's name is Leydi, she is 28 years old, is a law student at URBE, her hobby is listening to music, she likes to paint and she doesn't likes to get up early. Her favorite singer is Laura Pausini, she loves baladas, and was nice to meet her.