martes, 29 de marzo de 2011


My House:  Since i was born, I live in the same house. A very quiet building, not too small but not large, according to the 2 people who live there, my mom and me. I have a lot of memories in my house.

My Parents: They've always been super special with me, playful, and always had to deal with my hyperactivity because I am only child. Always guiding and indulging in all my tastes.

Food: I always hated vegetables and soups, I remember myaunt always tried to give me soup, but I ended up crying becausei did’t want, and the plant was the same, hahaha!

Friends: I just studied in 2 schools, and the friends who  i always talk are of the second school. With them I have very funny and pretty memories as my graduation, parties, outings and many other things.
Toys: I grew up with cousins ​​older than me, and most are men, but I always liked playing with my dolls, to be a cook, nintendo, bicycle, I imagined I had a clothing store (it was my room) was very funny.

Music: since childhood I loved to dance, and every time they put a  
songdanced non-stop, my funniest memories was with a song called "el baile del perrito, " always made ​​me dance.
School: My studies in kindergarten and primary school were the best, I loved my teachers, everything was so happy, a memory of the kindergarten that I will never forget was that a boy called Daniel bit me on the arm and made me cry a lot and when my mommy saw me she said OH MY GOD!  What happened??  She was very angry, but then my mother and Daniel’s mother became friends, hahaha!!

Vacations: I always remember my first times at Disney, that was magical and I was so excited seeing all the toys and attractions for children. Simply spectacular.

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